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Roofing Installation

Like many of our clients, Eluvia needed to change her bad condition roof immediately.

With our system your high quality roof is guaranteed for life.

"The person who visited me was very professional, they advised me very well, it was amazing! it only took 3 days to install the roof."

Eluvia A.

Regional Manager AVON 2006


Garage Conversion

"I am from Mexico and I came to this country dreaming of having a better life. I loved the project from beginning to the end. "

We've seen many construction cases, project that are not up to code with the city, this was the case of Alicia.

She now lives calmly, without stress & at the same time generating extra monthly income.

Alicia A.

L.A.U.S.D. Worker

Testimony 2

Testimony 3


Roofing Installation

Like Xochitl, many homeowners improved the quality of life by replacing their bad roof.

Avoid future damages and health problems in the family.

"The problem was that in some parts my roof's wood was already very old, chopped or rotten. It was necessary to replace my roof."

Xochitl de P.


Testimony 4

Van Nuys

Garage Conversion

Like Josefa, homeowners in Southern California can increase income by converting their Garage into a 2nd Unit. With our financing Programs it has never been so easy.

"The city sent me a letter because my garage was not to code... when I bought the house it was already like that. CGH helped me with the financing process and construction. "

Josefa T.

Business Owner

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